The Heterodox Review

The Heterodox Review is a blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal examining sociopolitical issues, in particular the way in which higher education and the media frame these issues.

The Iconoclast

The Iconoclast is an online multi-author forum for free-form articles. Articles require editorial approval rather than peer-review, and thus can appear online in days rather than months.

We have recently created a website for the Iconoclast. Please take a look:

The Heterodox Review and Iconoclast do not simply gather fixed, unchanging snapshots of authors’s views, but allow authors to respond to critique. All articles will be followed by an invitation for moderated comments by ASH members who can submit a rebuttal to arguments they disagree with. Based on these comments authors can then revise papers and update the article to a new version, with links to the earlier version and comments on what revisions have been made. 

The tendency of academic journals to follow the “volume/issue” format is a holdover from the era of purely print versions, but even online journals still seem to wait to collect several articles and then release them together as an ‘issue’. In contrast, Heterodoxy Review articles are published online based upon the date they are fully approved.

ASH Publications

The Association for Sociopolitical Heterodoxy aims to produce its own line of publications. The first of these will likely examine the current state of the liberal democratic system from a critical perspective. This issue will be discussed at the inaugural HESTIA conference.

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