Formerly to be held in Okinawa, this conference was held on March 14, online from Shizuoka, Japan where some Japan residents gathered (invite only).

COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria.
Philipp Bagus, Rey Juan Carlos University; Antonio Sanchez-Bayon, Universidad Autónoma de Chile; and José Antonio Peña Ramos, Rey Juan Carlos University.

Big Pharma and Bigger Madness: A Discourse Analysis of Vaccine Pathology. Dan Broudy, Okinawa Christian University
The Polarized Pandemic Response from Countries Impacted by Emphasis on Different Resources by the Government. Roshani Goel, SGT University
Offensive Realism under the cover of COVID. Patrick Strefford, Kyoto Sangyo University
Scale, Complexity, and the COVID-19 Response.  Julian Pigott, Ryukoku University
Crisis Events and the Corrosion of the National Psyche. Gavan Gray, Tsuda University

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