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Upcoming conferences: Kyoto 2023; Bangkok 2024

The Hestia Symposium will be held in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan. The conference will address the impact of government policies that limit the free flow of people, finances, and information. For more details, and to submit an abstract, please see our conference page.

In March 2024 we will hold our annual Hestia conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference will address issues relating to the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific. For more details, and to submit an abstract, please visit our conference page.

About Hestia

HESTIA is a community for scholars seeking to explore interdisciplinary analyses of issues in the political and social spheres. To learn more about our organization, please visit the ‘Our Mission’ page.


Hestia runs two international conferences a year, the Hestia Symposium in Autumn, and the Hestia Annual Conference each Spring. A retrospective of our most recent conference can be found here.


We publish two publications, an academic journal, The Hestia Review (ISSN 2758-7851), and a free-form magazine, The Iconoclast. Learn more.


April 2023: We are currently busy with the following: i) Editing a special edition of the Hestia Review; ii) publicizing our upcoming conferences; iii) Obtaining ISSN registration for the Hestia Review (preliminary registration completed). The next stage will be to register with Crossref in order to be able to issue individual DOI numbers for all articles. Next year we plan to refurbish the website and move it to a new domain.