Featured speakers

[some of the the presentation titles are linked to a PDF version of PowerPoint slides]

Roger Berkowitz
The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics, Bard College
Arendt and Hayek on the Danger of Experts in Politics

Peter Baehr
Lingnan University
The Arrest of Sociology

Other selected presentations:

Postmodernism and the challenges it poses to the national security of Western liberal democracies. Michael Burke, Kanda University

Managing the liberal democracy. Christian Etzrodt, Osaka University

Normative contestation in the age of social media. (supplementary presentation notes) Anders Granmo

Why Chinese anti-pluralist thought poses a philosophical challenge. E. C. Hendriks, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft

The Abandonment of Ontology: From Abstract to Concrete Individualism Paul Jackanich, University of Montreal

Memetic information warfare: The dangers of self-contamination [VIDEO]. Gavan Patrick Gray, Tsuda University

“Charge straight ahead and kick them in the electrodes”: Marshall McLuhan, new media, and new politics. Julian Pigott, Ryukoku University.