Alas, the COVID-19 situation has compelled us to revise our plans for our conference in Hokkaido. We have decided to drastically reduce the conference in size, limit it to residents of Japan, and hold it in an alternative location. This symposium is by invitation only. If you have any questions, please email us at

We would like to encourage international scholars to consider submitting to our next conference in Okinawa, 2021 (details here).


September 12, 18:00: Symposium orientation (location to be announced)

September 13, 10:00~17:00, Ryukoku University:

10:00~Daniel BroudyMessianic Mad Men, Media Magicians and the Global War on Objective
Reality: A Hegelian Analysis of Mainstream Propaganda
11:00~Patrick StreffordThe inevitability of the CCP’s premature take-over of Hong Kong
13:00~Gavan GrayFeet of Clay: Truth, Apathy and the Big Lie in the Aftermath of Skripal and Dhouma.
14:00~Julian PigottTerraforming the Internet: The media’s plan for the Overton Window 2.0.
15:00~Christian EtzrodtManaging the Liberal Democracy and the Role of the Mass Media
16:00~Michael Burke DiAngelo’s Kafkatrap: An Analysis of White Fragility
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