Membership of the Association for Sociopolitical Heterodoxy costs $100 ($80 for students). Members receive a 20% lifetime discount on conference registration ($100 will be more than recouped by presenter attendance at two conferences). Members will also be invited to participate in the moderated critique of articles published in the Heterodox Review and the Iconoclast.

We invite any scholarly individuals to join us. In addition to professional academics, we welcome students and members of the general public from all walks of life. While some consider membership of ‘academia’ as requiring specific formal qualifications, we prefer to look upon it as requiring a scholarly mindset—something that formal qualification does not in any way guarantee.




BTC: bc1qwtxesmlls8jxun3q8fetseu89njn5c92fphrhk

LTC: ltc1q22sqdv6ctyuuymq3kgau9s22pe6yf3r4ylsu48

ETH: 0xFd84359b92e889F8ad74dbb9b65426Cd271EA583

The procedure for payments by cryptocurrency is as follows:

  1. Use the currency convertor here to calculate the $100 fee in the cryptocurrency of your choice.
  2. Send the payment (transaction fees to be paid by the sender).
  3. Send an email to outlying the details of your payment.
  4. The executive board will respond as quickly as possible to confirm your payment.

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