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Our annual conference will be held on March 9-11 in Bangkok, at Thammasat University. Scholars, policymakers, and practitioners will gather to discuss the most pressing political, economic, and social challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. With its diverse cultures, complex history, and multiple actors, the Asia-Pacific is one of the most dynamic and strategically important regions in the world, and its stability and prosperity are vital for global peace and development.

The conference will explore various themes related to regional governance, including the rise of China and its impact on the balance of power, issues such as democracy and human rights, the management of territorial disputes, the role of regional organizations such as ASEAN and the Pacific Islands Forum, and the implications of new technologies and environmental challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in debate, exchange ideas, and learn from experts in various fields, including political science, international relations, economics, law, and sociology.

A form for abstract submissions can be found below and a downloadable PDF of our call for papers is at the bottom of the page. Please share the CFP with interested colleagues.

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December 31

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In person presenter: $250
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