Events of recent years remind us that violence still plays a powerful role in national and international affairs. From outright conflict in Ukraine, to the type of systemic exploitation we see in human sex trafficking, or the violent protests erupting on both sides of the racial tensions that are intensifying in the USA, violence takes myriad forms. In each case, the complexity of both the root causes and its wider impact requires careful examination. At this conference we hope to offer some insight into the origins, mediation, and forms of violence in modern society, and consider what can be done to ameliorate and manage it.

Important dates

SUBMISSION deadline: December 31, 2021;
REGISTRATION deadline (presenters): January 31, 2022


HESTIA features three types of presentations:

ANALYTICAL presentations are 20 minutes in length, and consist of a brief introduction to a key concept, or the work of a particular scholar or writer, followed by an explanation of how the concept (etc.) can be used to frame contemporary issues in new and interesting ways. Analytical presentations are particularly accessible to new researchers, or those from outside academia.

RESEARCH presentations are 50 minutes in length rather than the more usual 20 minutes. This allows ample time to showcase the ongoing research activities of one or more participants, and to engage with the audience.

DISCURSIVE presentations feature two or more presenters sharing differing views on a common subject. A mediator guides the interaction and invites participation from audience members. Discursive presentations are a more interactive take on the conventional panel.

Areas the applicant may wish to address include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sexual/gender violenceHuman traffickingMedia and conflict
PopulismInterstate conflictPolitical reform
Social justiceTechnology and conflictPhilosophy of violence


Applicants are invited to submit one or more abstracts of no more than 300 words, tailored carefully to meet the requirements of the presentation type. Please also include a bio of no more than 100 words. Before submitting an abstract, please refer to our general submission guidelines.


Conference presenters will be invited to contribute to one of our two publications, The Heterodox Review and The Iconoclast.

Conference fees

PRESENTER registration: $300Online PRESENTER: $100
In person ATTENDANCE: $100Online ATTENDANCE: Free
  • ASH MEMBER/STUDENT discount: 20%; Domestic discount: 50%.
  • In person attendance fee includes two lunches and conference dinner
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