Events of recent years remind us that violence still plays a powerful role in national and international affairs. From outright conflict in Ukraine, to the type of systemic exploitation we see in human sex trafficking, or the violent protests erupting on both sides of the racial tensions that are intensifying in the USA, violence takes myriad forms. In each case, the complexity of both the root causes and its wider impact requires careful examination. At this conference we hope to offer some insight into the origins, mediation, and forms of violence in modern society, and consider what can be done to ameliorate and manage it.

March 19

Joao Pedro Amorim (Universidade Católica Portuguesa). The Ratio of Violence and the Aesthetic Revolution

Philip Egbule (University of Delta). The Prevalence of technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence and Abuse against Girls: A Case Study from Nigeria

Johan Nilsson (City University, Hong Kong). The Plight of the Warrior in Modernity

Maximilian Roch (University of Milan). Explaining the expropriation of geological assets through concepts of redistributive violence

Orazio Maria Gnerre (University of Perugia). TBA

March 20

Julian Pigott (Ryukoku University). On Aggression and Technology: An Introduction to the theories of Konrad Lorenz and their relevance to the digital age

Patrick Strefford (Sangyo University). The Violent Side of Modernity

Gavan Patrick Gray (Tsuda University). Shadows of our Desires: Conformity, Compliance and Coercive Violence in Policy-making

Annual General Meeting

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