Association for Sociopolitical Heterodoxy

Mendacia in Luce Moriuntur

The Association of Sociopolitical Heterodoxy is a community for scholars seeking to explore interdisciplinary, dissenting analyses of issues in the political and social spheres.

The original Academy was a public grove in which Plato, his pupils, and invited guests would, through vigorous discussion and debate, attempt to uncover truths about society and human nature. The logical strength of one’s argument, and the healthy process of engaging with the unorthodox—even if the ideas in question turned out, ultimately, to be faulty—were all that mattered.

In modern times there has been a shift in focus so severe that Plato and his immediate successors would be hard-pressed to recognize Academia… 


Hestia is an annual, international conference for scholars wishing to approach sociopolitical phenomena from interdisciplinary and/or unconventional standpoints…


We produce two publications: an academic journal (The Heterodox Review), and a free-form magazine (The Iconoclast)…

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